I have developed successful projects time and time again for these wonderful companies and organizations across Alberta and BC.
"Alana has helped us elevate our marketing campaigns, particularly when it comes to video and digital. She approaches every project with professionalism, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. She is great at receiving and incorporating feedback, but she also provides thoughtful recommendations on how to make a project better. We enjoy working with her, and we appreciate the fresh perspective she brings to the table, especially when it comes to animation."
– Elizabeth Roden, Marketing Manager, Operation Eyesight Universal
"Alana is a highly skilled creative professional who brilliantly translates ideas into visually compelling and engaging content. I would recommend Alana to anyone looking for an entrepreneurial, versatile, and hard-working digital media expert. At Elastic Path, Alana started by defining our visual brand identity, but quickly went on to create our web and print design, produce our live and animated videos, and do our event photography. Alana is an expert at using all the latest creative technologies to create multi-faceted projects that are engaging and interactive.
Beyond her artistic abilities, Alana is a confident and thoughtful person. She spearheaded Elastic Path's philanthropy committee and invested time in countless initiatives that elevated the company's culture."
– Peter Lukomskyj, VP Products, Elastic Path
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