Layout and Infographic Design
As a designer, I understand the importance of copy, images, and layout working together. Hierarchy, white space, and focal points can all be used to organize information and tell a story. I always strive to reflect the brand's style and while keeping the business goals in mind. In InDesign, I mastered the use of style and content systems for more complex projects such as magazines.
"Commerce Airport" infographic created in collaboration with the VP Products at Elastic Path to explain headless commerce using an analogy.
I worked with Operation Eyesight as a contractor from 2011-2019. I started by creating animated videos for their YouTube channel to raise awareness about avoidable blindness in developing countries. Through the years I supposed with many graphic design projects including infographics, social media graphics, presentation design and most recently their annual reports.
I've done the full layouts for three New Tribe Magazine issues with USAY between 2019-2024. I either managed or assisted in the art direction for each one. Each issue had 40+ pages, and I worked with the Editor and the USAY team to design layouts, capture or source imagery, and feature the magazine's augmented reality content.

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